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Data from a Large Diameter Compression Split-Hopkinson Bar Experiment

Data from a dynamic compression test on a woven composite material are presented below. This experiment was conducted using the large diameter SHB apparatus.  The specimen is a flat composite slab that is epoxied into steel adaptors, see Figure 1.  The composite is painted with a white contrast pattern on a black base-coat for 3D DIC measurements.  

Wave data from the experiment is shown in Figure 2, while a stress strain curve is presented in Figure 3.  Click here to see a video of this experiment.  Click here to play a video of the same experiment with the axial strain contour (eyy), calculated using 3D DIC, overlaid on the image.


Figure 1. (upper left) woven composite specimen and adaptors, (upper right) specimen assembly, (bottom) specimen assembly placed between the incident and transmitter bars.


Figure 2. Wave records from an experiment conducted on a composite specimen using the large diameter SHB.


Figure 3. Dynamic stress-strain data for a woven composite material.